The National Collections of Natural History at Tel Aviv University provide an active, updated, and comprehensive record of the biodiversity of our region. They not only offer a significant research infrastructure for scientists worldwide, but are also of immense cultural and educational value. The collections, comprise the Tel Aviv University Zoological Museum (TAUZM), the National Algae, Fungi and Lichens Collections, and the National Biological Anthropology collections, contain millions of herbarium and natural history specimens, mostly of our region from over the past century, and which also reflect the evolution and history of humankind.
Steady collection development is the fruit of the research of our scientists and graduate students, who study species on land and in freshwater and marine bodies. Their activities have resulted in an important national research infrastructure, crucial for scientific research into the biodiversity, environment and evolution of humankind.

The Natural History Collections constitute a multi-disciplinary project at Tel Aviv University, with the participation of members of the Departments of Zoology and Plant Sciences of the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, and the Departments of Anatomy and Anthropology of the Sackler School of Medicine.

Our collections and staff also provide support for the research of many agricultural, environmental, ecological, evolutionary, and conservation scientists in various institutions of higher education in Israel and abroad as well as government ministries in Israel. 

Tel Aviv University has a longstanding tradition of service to the Israeli education system. In line with this tradition, the University established "Nature Campus" - our education and public program, whose activities take advantage of Tel Aviv University's unique research infrastructure, the I. Meier Segals Zoological Garden, the Botanic Gardens, and the teaching laboratories, and make the treasures of the National Collections of Natural History at Tel Aviv University available to the public. Even more significantly, "Nature Campus" enhances accessibility to the unique knowledge and expertise of the faculty members of Tel Aviv University in the fields of ecology, biogeography, evolution, paleontology, conservation biology, behavior, and physiology.

 We take pride in our involvement in nature and environmental conservation and work hard to uphold a tradition of contributing to society based on our expertise in the study of nature, as well as in many other significant ways. Many members are very active in conservation and monitoring projects and on the boards of public and environmental organizations. Our report lists some of these activities.