Bryozoans, also known as Ectoprocta and Polyzoa or by the common names "lace corals" and "moss animals", form the largest phylum of the superphylum Lophphorata. Most bryozoans live in marine environments while one class lives in freshwater. This diverse phylum consists of approximately 6,000 extant species and at least double that number in preserved fossils.

The Tel Aviv Zoological Museum collection contains about 200 samples from the Israeli Mediterranean coast and the Gulf of Eilat, as well as from the Red Sea in Egypt Most of the collection has been identified by Dr. J. L. D'hondt from France.

Bryozoans form an important part of the fouling community, with many species dispersing along shipping routes and becoming established as non-indigenous species. Although the Mediterraneanharbors numerous invading species, information regarding alien Bryozoans along the Israeli coast is poor. The current collection, which includes samples dating back over five decades, can provide knowledge on the dispersal and establishment patterns of marine species in the eastern region of the Mediterranean.