The National Collections of Natural History at Tel Aviv University originated from studies conducted by TAU scientists, as has been the case in other university-based collections worldwide.  The collections developed over the years but to date no suitable building has been established to house them, and they are maintained in poor conditions that are inappropriate for the storage of organic matter, curb their development, hamper research and teaching, put their future at risk, and risk the health of the workers.

In the past few years we have made a serious effort to establish a proper museum building with the generous support of Judy and Michael Steinhardt and the Rothschild Foundation and with the support of the  Planning and Grants Committee for Higher Education in Israel (VATAT), the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Ministry of Tourism and the KKL-JNF.  This support was recommended by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, which recognized the collections as a national level project and recommended government support at the highest level in order to build a home for the National Collections of Natural History at Tel Aviv University.  Additional support is provided by Millie Phillips of Australia, the Shainman Brothers of Canada, the Arison Foundation, the National Heritage Program in the Prime Minister's Office, and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space.

A steering committee was established to oversee the building development, whose members are:

  • Dr. Sinaia Netanyahu, Chief Scientist, Ministry of environmental protection.
  • Dr. Yoav Motro, Plant, Protection and Inspection Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • David Mingelgrin, Ministry of Tourism.
  • Yoni Even-Tov, Planning and Grants Committee for Higher Education.
  • Neri Azogui, Finance Division, Tel Aviv University.
  • Prof. Tamar Dayan, Director of the National History Collection.
  • Eldar Katzevich, University Engineer.
  • Danny Rahat, building project director.
  • Ofer Lugasi, V.P.Engineering and Maintenance Division, TelAvivUniversity.