The collection of algae, seagrasses and fresh water plants of TelAvivUniversity is the largest of its kind in the Levant. This collection contains over 30,000 tagged specimens. The vast majority of this collection consists of algae collected along the coasts of Israel and Sinai. The collection is at the beginning of a computerized cataloging process that relies on an existing catalog. At the end of this process, data will be available for academic studies by algal taxonomists of universities from around the world.

Mycological herbaria function as repositories for fungal specimens.  In addition to constituting objects of study, herbarium specimens can serve to validate scientific studies  or in the construction of  catalogues of species regarding local, regional, or national fungal floras.  Herbaria also act as repositories of genetic information.  Based on the Fungal Herbarium of Tel Aviv University, which has 4,022 specimens, a collection that was developed by Prof.

The lichen collection consists of samples collected in Israel and in other countries. The material is kept in a dry state in paper envelopes, with details about site and date of collection.In addition, we have a lichen collection for teaching purposes and demonstrations, which includes examples of crustose, foliose and fruticose thalli. We have also a collection of living lichens located outdoors, near the green house of the palm collection. These lichens are replaced from time to time by fresh samples brought from different regions of Israel.