The molecular systematics collection at Tel Aviv Zoological Museum was established in 1998 to answer the growing need for tissue samples for molecular studies. The collection is dedicated to tetrapods of the Levant region and currently includes more than 1,000 samples, which have voucher specimens in the tetrapod collection. These tissues are used in various conservation, population genetics, and phylogenetics studies.
The samples are stored either as frozen tissue, or as non-frozen tissue in ethanol. The whole body of small animals is usually conserved non-frozen while small samples of larger animals are usually frozen. The samples are consistently provided by rangers of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, as well as by researchers conducting field studies. The collection includes about 70 bird species from 60 genera and 40 mammal species from 30 genera. The best represented organisms are currently carnivores, with more than 250 samples.
If you wish to donate tissue or to request a tissue grant, please contact Dr. Dorothee Huchon.