The Museum Committee is an internal steering committee which formulates scientific-professional development policy and the goals of the collections budget.  Its members are the Museum Director (Chair), the Curators, Associate Curators who are interested in participating, the Administrative Director, the Entomology Collections Staff Manager, and Nature Campus Director. 

Members are as follows:

  • Tamar Dayan – Chair
  • Frida Ben-Ami
  • Yoni Belmaker
  • Roi Dor
  • Netta Dorchin
  • Amon Freidberg
  • Yael Gavrieli
  • Moshe Gershon
  • Menachem Goren
  • Roi Holzman
  • Dorothee Huchon
  • Israel Hershkovitz 
  • Dafna Langgut
  • Shai Meiri
  • Noa Shenkar
  • Inon Scharf
  • Revital Ben-David-Zaslow