In the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History the Curators are senior faculty members in the Departments of Zoology and Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants (Faculty of Life Sciences), the Department of Anatomy and Anthropology and the Department of Orthodontics (Faculty of Medicine), and the Institute of Archeology (Faculty of Humanities). They are aided by Associate Curators, senior faculty members and researchers who are experts on particular taxa that are represented in the collections. In the past years we have had the privilege to absorb new immigrant scientists who serve as Curators and Collections Managers and make a huge contribution, in particular in taxonomic knowledge.

The professional team shoulders the daily collections management missions including collecting, absorbing specimens, databasing, sending specimens to scientists abroad, support of scientists and professionals who use the collections, etc. It is a highly professional team that carries the brunt of collections development and care.

In recognition of the significance of promoting the study and curating of the collections, the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council of Higher Education of Israel (VATAT) supports the training of young scientists through earmarked post-doctoral fellowships.