The sponge (Porifera) collection of Tel Aviv Zoological Museum includes many marine specimens collected mostly in the East Mediterranean and northern Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez). Additional specimens are from southern Red Sea, West Indian Ocean, West Mediterranean, the Caribbean and some from East Pacific Ocean. Freshwater sponges are fromIsrael and some from the continental USA. Most specimens are preserved in ethanol, but some are as dry skeleton. During the last decade sub-samples have been preserved frozen for molecular studies. Among the thousands of samples which cover hundreds of species, the collection includes also a few type specimens and paratypes of (so far) endemic species found close to Israeli coasts from over 1000 m deep to shallow water marine and freshwater species.

The collection covers almost exclusively the class Demospongiae, although the classes Calcarea and some Homoscleropmorpha, are represented as well.

Type material

 The sponge collection contains type material from the species Amphimedon chloros, Callyspongia paralia, Hemimycale Arabica, Niphates rowi, Petrosia elephantotus, Rhabderemia batatas, Suberea purpureaflava and Topsentia aqabaensis.