Israel is a regional hotspot for reptiles, and these reptiles are well represented with over 15,000 specimens and over 500 species. All major reptile taxa are represented at the Tel Aviv Zoological Museum, mostly lizards (nearly 9,000 specimens), snakes (5,500) and turtles (800). Forty four species of snakes, lizards and tortoises are represented by over 100 specimens, including 1,100 specimens of the regional endemic Palestine viper (Vipera palestinae). Reptiles are the most cosmopolitan of the tetrapod collections, with specimens originating in 90 countries worldwide.Nearly 80% of the specimens are Israeli, but there are also sizable collections from the USA,Kenya, Turkey, Ethiopia and, especially, Egypt. The collection holds virtually all species of Israeli reptiles, including the endemic Cyrtopodion amictophole (including its types), Acanthodactylus beershebensis (A. pardalis), Micrelaps tchernovi (including the paratype). Also included are some of the types of the Israeli green lizard Lacerta media israelica (Lacerta trilineata israelica).

Type material

The reptiles collection contains type material from the species Cerastes gasperettii mendelssohni, Cyrtodactylus amictopholis (Cyrtopodion amictophole), Micrelaps tchernovi  and Lacerta media israelica (Lacerta trilineata israelica).