The Curculionoidea, or weevils, comprise the largest group of beetles, distributed worldwide. Weevils are a group of extraordinary diversity and importance to the natural ecosystems and to man. The TAU collection possesses representatives of 12 families of the 18 currently known, and contains ca. 600 species from Israel (comprising around 60% of the local fauna) and ca.1,000 species from worldwide, predominantly Europe, the Near East, East Africa and South Asia. The overall number of pinned specimens is ca. 50,000. The collection possesses unique material collected at the beginning of the 20th century and contains species that have become extinct or extremely rare since then, some of them collected from now extinct biotopes (e.g. Lake Hula). Ten new species and one new genus were described in the last decade from the TAU material, and several dozen new species are in the process of description or waiting to be described. The Israeli part of the collection is now under intensive examination; parts of it have already been studied and identified by prominent specialists.