This order is of great agricultural importance, in that it contains plant-eating insects, many of which are pests of cultural plants. The collection was built mainly by F. S. Bodenheimer, Y. Palmony, H. Bytinsky-Salz, M. Sternlicht, R. E. Linnavuori and A. Freidberg.


The Cicadina are represented in the collection by 15 families, including 280 species. More than 1,000 specimens have been computerized and included in the data-base.


The Aleyrodididea collection includes 28 species in nine genera. Most of the collection is preserved in gelatin vials, together with parts of plants. The collection was updated, renovated and re-identified in recent years by D. Gerling (TAU) and V. Seplyarsky (PPIS).


The Aphiloidea comprise two important collections of aphids prepared on slides, including many primary types: D. Wool's collection of gall-inducing aphids (TAU) and E. Swirsky's collection of aphids of (Volcani Center).


The Coccoidea are preserved in ca. 20 jars with alcohol; this collection is currently not being dcurated.


The Psylloidea are represented by ca. 1,600 pinned specimens and some material preserved in alcohol, comprising ca. 80 species. This group is mainly collected by A. Freidberg and is currently being studied intensively by D. Burkhardt (Basel).