The collection contains about 220 species from 10 families. The Myrmeleontidae is the largest family in Israel and contains ca. 100 species, which are represented in the collection with ca. 2,000 pinned specimens. About 30 species were determined by H. Holzel, some of which were described by him from Israel and Sinai. Holotypes and paratypes are deposited in the TAU collection.


The collection also contains the Warman and the Palmonii collections.


The Chrysopidae collection contains about 20 species, and the Nemopteridae about 10 species, including the holotype and paratypes of Dielocroce hebraea from Israel and of Anacroce friedbergi from Sinai. The unique Lerta palmonii was described from Israel but is now considered to be a synonym. Other families represented in the collection are: Ascalaphidae (12 spp.); Mantispidae (5 spp.); Coniopterygidae (3 spp.); Hemerobiidae (5 spp.); Berothidae (2 spp); Sisyridae (1 sp, Sisyra trilobata was described from the Sea of Galilee).